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Some of youu guys are serious

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Some of youu guys are serious dicks. Who I think should be banned from this site, because ultimately they HURT this SITE and Community by always being (often funny)Fuckin assholes. SO they scare of and act as a deterrence from people getting involved.

You 8ish dudes are like a cult of small dicked bigots.

I know it have to me. just some advice, ryan

 Ive been coming to this site for 3+ years now and I love ryans opinions,humor,love and criticism of the sport. His views seem to always mirror my own except being funny while expressing them. While I’m a cynic. I always literally Laugh Out Loud at those podcasts and I need that because my life is pain,suffering and blood. I currently work as a EMT and when Iam off I go to the gym and train with no cartilage in my lower left shoulder( I need it).  Thats whats so unfathomable about some of these regular posters is the complete disregrad for any sort of civility that these folks have for other human beings. Shit I could be saving your life sometime. I guarantee certain posters hurt this site.

Isnt the internet a wonderful place.  for porn.