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thanks doods. so my roommate

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thanks doods.

so my roommate runs out of money, like always. he wants beer. so i buy him a bunch. we got paid on the first of november. november 6th he pays me back 60 bucks. november 9th rolls around, HE HAS NO MORE MONEY AGAIN. November 10 I lend him 20 bucks for more beer from the same 60 dollars he paid me back in. I don’t understand how he blows all his fucking money so fast. i bought a 300 dollar plane ticket and still had money in the bank…

a few reasons why he’s always fucking broke:

buys 2 cartons of cigarettes every paycheck. we get paid every 1st and 15th, and I’m pretty sure it’s like 70 bucks for a carton. that’s 280 maybe even 300 instantly gone.

and beer. all the beer. everyday. i think he buys about 3 or 4 24 packs of beer a week.

he’s gonna be so homeless.