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Is it that hard to trace


Is it that hard to trace which company owns what? Should that not be public information?

It is somewhat public, that nameserver is responsible for everything from personal baby photo scrapbook sites to the team pages for (pro?) lacrosse team the Denver Outlaws and even my Mom’s favorite New England lobster shack, LegalSeafoods.  It is also a big server for martial arts sites in general.  Hitman fighter gear goes through there as well as, gspnews, and the bruceleefoundation.  That’s just in the first 60 or so sites one of those servers is responsible for.

Ahh, I think I’ve found the connection.  Many popular MMA sites use AdeptMobile, the brand web marketing and strategy firm Zuffa uses for some stuff, out of Amherst, Mass ran by Gabriel Smallman., fightersnotebook and betmma all use them, and it’s natural for a web company like them to use one hosting (guys who own the nameservers) vendor to simplify hosting management.

Not all of the martial arts sites names are registered through them, like the Bruce Lee Foundation, but several of the biggest names are.  They’re registered through Adept Mobile, apparently his overall company, but he’s also listed as Mixed Martial Arts llc. on several of the listings; which could be a connection after all as he may have used the forum as marketing outlet for the UFC and other brands (Tapout, Hitman) after all.  But he could also just be a web marketer who gets around in the fairly insular world of MMA.

Nothing conclusive, but I love speculation as much as the hogwatcher does.