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GSP will try to keep Diaz on

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GSP will try to keep Diaz on the outside range. He will use his jab, spinning back kick, front kick, and super man punch to keep that distance. GSP will use his foot work to keep most of the fight at that range. If Diaz makes it into the pocket, look for GSP to shoot, or body lock/push into the cage. GSP will not hang with Diaz on the ground unless he can get/maintain side control or better. Diaz’s guard, and half guard are to dangerous for GSP to play around for long.

Diaz will try to throw his punches in bunches from the pocket. He will get the edge in a couple of rounds due to volume of punches landed. GSP will control the range well enough that Diaz will get frustrated with what he will call “GSP’s unwillingness to engage”, and start taunting him. The taunts will only leave him open for one, or two strikes. GSP will disengage before Diaz can retaliate. Through out the fight GSP will lock down Diaz if he lands more that 2 shots in a row. This will throw off Diaz’s timing, and prevent him from taking control of the fight like he has been in his last several fights.

48/47 GSP in a hard fought, but clear GSP win.