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my guess would be gsp

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my guess would be gsp attempts to salvage his reputation a bit by staying on the feet and trading the occasional shot with nick. mostly picking his shots, ones, one twos, and some low kicks while nick stalks him. eventually gsp gets the takedown in the early rounds without too much trouble, but is unable to do much on the ground other than pass to halfguard and land peppering shots. they are stood up at this point, much to the delight of the crowd. the standups serve to embolden nick, and frustrate gsp. nick begins to land more frequently, scoring points and stinging gsp. gsp now abandons his plan to prove something by standing with nick, and resorts to more frequent takedown attempts and possibly wall stalling. the takedowns will become much harder to finish as the fight wears on, and nick starts to land at a high percentage. this continues for 5 rounds. split decision, nick diaz. would not be surprised if it wen the other way either. i’m looking forward to it. i’m actually a little nervous.