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thanks internet friends… made: agentsmif’s picture died. you should change it dude don’t look if you don’t want to see a dead dude but you probably seened it.  i was hoping that i would get sent to libya. that would have been bad ass.

on another note…

ruu eened: …being a roommate to a guy who plays black ops and bringing other tards who play black ops to play black ops with him and then hearing them talk about black ops and coaching each other thru playing black ops is really super fucking stupid. anyone want to buy my xbox? I’ve played it for about a week when i first bought it last year. there’s no box for it though. just a controller and stuff that comes with it. i think that the more my roommate plays black ops the less i want to play videogames. i don’t want to be that. a fat, bald, old dude crying at the tv over xbov live