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Ruined: My friend was running

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Ruined: My friend was running late getting back from work so I picked up her 5 year old from the daycare. He managed to shove a plastic piece from his transformer action figure down the window crack and jammed the electric window mechanism. It’s open an inch and stuck that way. ARG. Rain is forecasted for the next 4 days.

Made: Not my kid.

Made: Billard tourney tonight against the folks i played with when I won my way to Las Vegas. Guaranteed good time tonight that will finish with my not giving a shit about the window :)

Made: Not having a delightful salad for supper. Spent the day shopping and got nice portabella mushrooms which are much better that the half ass cremini’s. If you go for the flavor frick, go for those. Even though they are aged longer they are usually cheaper. Creminis are all marketing hype to boost the price of an overgrown button mushroom or an under grown portabella with half the meatiness.