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dear diary… made: 4 day

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dear diary…

made: 4 day weekend for the second straight weekend in a row. had a 3 day work week last week.

ruined: EVERYTHING ELSE. for the second time in two months, some fucking douche fuck pulls the fire alarm at 2 am in the morning. 3rd time since i’ve been in the army. first time it happened was korea and it was snowing and frozen outside. fire alarms were only fun in school stupid bitches. so now all day i’ve been pissed off at every little fucking thing. fuckity fuck fuck fuck…plus my fucking roommate’s fucking 10 bamillion alarms go off this morning like we got work today. we fucking DON’T OMG I JUST WANT TO SLEEP!!!! his fucking ass didn’t get up for any one of them.

whatever…i bought a gi online from these people in canada, maybe ryan fightlinker knows them becuase they’re both mutally canadian. it’s completely patchless buttfucking cheap though. came out to 113 dollhairs. i was about to get a Hybrid Gi for 140, but shipping and all that shit it was like 170 and i was like fuck that shit.

i wish i had a car or someone to train with that has a car because there’s this gracie barra school about 30 minutes away.