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Alright, let me address yo

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Alright, let me address yo ass in the order that shit came out of your mouth.

Penis: Damn, I was hoping this design was available. Stop fucking with me, yo.

DJ Thunderblowme: That sucks, but thanks for the info. Maybe they’ll do that shit again.

Frik: My kids use my shirts as tents. One pants leg of my trousers can serve as a tee-pee for a 5 year old.

……… but you should see my cock. It’s tiny as fuck.

AgentOrange: Inorite?

RC: You bastard. I’m begging for one and you just nonchalantly lose yours?

Cap’n Crunch: Bob Sapp? Maybe. Maybe I like to troll around on this shitty Japanese internet connection when I’m taking a break from gold farming in World of Warcraft so i can post up in here. You never know……