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i do sometimes use stream

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i do sometimes use stream sites or torrents for shit like documentaries or instructionals. for instance, i downloaded about $500 of pedal steel instructional dvds the other day. but when im going to watch something like batman or xmen or even a movie like into the wild, i want it on blu ray or at least hd dvd. especially if im having some chick over. you dont want them to see you scrolling through a list of mostly low res bollywood movies or box office flops, hoping to find something decent so you can plug your laptop in and watch it.

and dont ever pay $15 for an hdmi cable when you can get them for a few bucks plus shipping online. get one on newegg for $5 and put the other $10 towards something good like a gram of pepperhead. or better yet, put all $15 towards a tv with intergrated wi-fi.