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Yeah, i read it on my

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Yeah, i read it on my google.reader. Here it is:

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I figured that since I loved the low blow, I might as well pay the extra 20 bucks and get a second podcast. Lovely that for at least 6 weeks FL didn’t post much extra content right after I paid, and didn’t put out a happy hour in ages. Those lazy-ass work habits are still going on even after being bought out where extra stuff is either posted erratically or never.

Normally if this was a free thing I wouldn’t have any right to bitch, but it isn’t free. I know you Canadiens are rabid socialists up there and are so nice you never complain about getting screwed by anyone, but dammit here in the States we don’t take to kindly to paying for something and getting shit service in return.

So please, whatever it takes to motivate you to produce product which I speant money for (Shitty beer? Moose vagina? It’s Moose Vagina, isn’t it?) use it so I don’t feel like I fell for an internet scam akin to Nigerian princes asking for my bank account number.