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Killer Condom–>here’s why ur 1/2 tard: most people are dumb (period). Doesn’t matter what they listen to. Most people (like 95% of the world) think MMA is wretched, barbaric, lacking skill & not even a sport. Would you start every convo by qualifying that MMA is barely a recognized sport, exclusively enjoyed by skinheads?

I don’t like when you preface or prequalify a discussion about rap b/c you personally don’t respect yourself. Yes, that’s what it really comes down to. I listen to a lot of different music & like many different genres of movies (including some anime if it’s violent & rapey enough). It’s all art & it’s all subjective. Doesn’t matter if someone disagrees w/you. I think Monet sucks. Do you think less of my intelligence now? Of course not. Let me rephrase……I’m angry b/c I care. Maybe you’re young? Like still in early 20’s? Back then, I still had philosophical debates about religion & how rap is just “street poetry set to music”. After a wife & kids I realize I JUST DON’T GIVE A FUCK IF OTHER PEOPLE DON’T RESPECT WHAT I LIKE.

Here’s a tip: check out Diamond D’s track called Superman. He’s a smart guy & a brilliant producer. He’s not rapping about anything intelligent, per se. Does that make the track “unintelligent”? Answer: IT DOESN’T MATTER.