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Frick, I said it in quotes, cause I have listened to and made rap music for a longass time, and most of the music i’m listening to is scoffed at by most people that like the same genre, as they are attracted to other things in the culture than i am. But still I realise that is some elitist shit to say, like “IM SMARTER THAN YOO”. We probably like alot of the same shit, judging from what you list up.

Also introducing oneself anywhere (fightlinker f.ex.) as someone who listens to rap is usually akin to telling people you’re a fucking retard.. I’ve met alot of intelligent and great people through the culture, but a large percentage are idiots. So I usually feel like i have to put in some “IM NOT RETARDED, I PROMISE!”-disclaimer. Probably just makes me look even more retarded though. Yo.