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“There are many explanations: the level of competition and the stakes are different. It’s safe to say that all those opponents aren’t as good as ‘Bigfoot,’ “………

Ariel Helwani has an interview up with Overeem’s reaction to the GP cut.

My favorite part is where he admits that Bigfoot is the best heavy weight he would have faced to date. At least he can admit that he has been crushing cans for the last couple years….now only if his fan boys can accept it.

There is my hate out of the way.

Oh….fighters need to watch what they say in interviews. Overeem using injuries (on the MMA hour) as part of the reason that he will not be fighting in Sept. gives Zuffa the green light to replace him. It reminds me of Tito saying he hurt his back in a post fight interview, then complains that the UFC’s fighter insurance won’t pay for it (Pre full coverage days).