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At the end of the day, it made the site look petty and unprofessional. Nobody’s criticizing the content because it’s not about the content, it’s about whether it belonged here. When you post something, it reflects on the site.

If you had posting abilities for the Denver Broncos official site and wrote “Tim Tebow is a fucking religious nutcase”, and it was the top story on the site, people would talk about it. “The Denver Broncos think Tebow is a fucking nut!” So you post that other story, and it’s “Fightlinker hates Helwani!” The owner of the Broncos wouldn’t want that attached to his team, and Ryan didn’t want that post attached to his site/reputation/livelihood.

Yeah, you got censored. And you got censored because you didn’t think, and posted something beyond what most reasonable people would expect someone to post, without asking the boss. Paid or not, if I was going to post something similar, I’d probably have made a phone call first. Seems like common sense.

We will agree to disagree on this one. I still love you like a brother, and wish you well. Hopefully you’ll still pop in on us in chat!