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Here are the things that need to be clarified.

When I signed back in and the post had been pulled – this was before I had heard anything from Ryan – my posting abilities were gone.  I had no “Post” or “Comments” links in WordPress, only “Dashboard” and “Log Out”.  It’s a small distinction, as I’m not going to continue giving free content (yes, my parasitic leeching has made me exactly $0 and two t-shirts in four-plus years) to someone that censors me.  But it’s true.

Ryan didn’t say one negative word to me about the Josh Gross piece.  Anyone that’s been here for a while understands that Kid Nate is more than fair game (he was also ripped in the Gross piece and appeared on the same WKR podcast I did, because some people aren’t babies when they’re criticized).   That article ended up getting me onto Watch Kalib Run’s podcast, which helped Fightlinker.  Again: I never heard a peep about it or my relentless Snowden bashing (who did a podcast segment on BE Radio with me after the fact, because some people aren’t babies when they’re criticized), and Dick is a weird liar.

I’ve yet to hear an actual criticism on the content.  Absolutely no one denies Ariel’s shittiness towards his coworker.

I’m 27 years old. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

If I had known what was going to happen before I did it, I would have done it anyway.  It wasn’t a flat-out firing or a rage quit. It was, strangely, mutual.