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Subo saw an opportunity to shit on one of the biggest journos in the biz, and he jumped all over it with glee.  Whether his cause was right or not, he went about it in pretty much the most self-righteous, petty, and just plain cunty way possible.  He posted that article literally within an hour of arguing with Helwani on Twitter, which tells me that he just couldn’t wait to run over here and use FL as a medium to expand his little personal crusade.  Yes this is much more of a “dick joke” site than legit journalism, but I still thought it was very unprofessional and inappropriate.  But he doesn’t seem to get that it reflects on the site and staff as a whole, and maybe Ryan doesn’t want to be a part of some petty industry beef.

Anyway, when Ryan pulled it, Subo basically rage-quit, and now he’s playing the martyr on Twitter.  If he has any soul, one day he’ll look back on this and cringe.  But for now, he apparently sees himself as a rebel who’s standing up for what’s right and such.