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I think the forums are officially officially dead. For realsies this time. No take backs you stepped on a crack and broke yo momma’s back.

I have 4 months left here. I’ve watched almost 3 seasons of Battlestar Galactica, the first season of Archer, all of the movies on my computer…I’ve been on 10 hour long missions, stupid fucking details, getting tired of how afghans smell so bad. Watched 3 afghan dudes shower with their clothes on at a well. Almost ran over a couple of dogs and women walking in the street. Going to the gym is always the better part of the day. I’ve never gone to the gym on my own and worked out before. You want to feel my muscles? Before I came here I thought I was going to write more shit on that one site I made, hyper speed robot, but this isn’t 2004 or 2006. Nothing has happened really. Just a lot of boring bullshit, day to day stuff that no one cares for. A bunch of dudes still die here, but none in my battalion. Some days I want someone to start shooting at me, just so I can break up the monotony.
When mail comes it’s always a big ordeal. It’s a brief moment of happiness that reminds you that there are people back at home, and they’re waiting for you to come back. It’s a bit exciting. There’s 4 months left, I can’t wait to get back and drink beer again, pick up chicks from bars and clubs again…have a weekend, a whole day of doing what I want without anything else holding me back…photoshop joan butters and hyan fightlinker again.