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intelligence community, a commander
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who helped lead the nation’s wartime activities in the decade after the Sept. 11 attacks
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and was credited with turning around the failing war effort in Iraq. Mr. Petraeus almost single-handedly
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forced a profound evolution in the country’s military thinking and
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doctrine with his philosophy ofcounterinsurgency, focused more on protecting the civilian population
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than on killing enemies. More than most of his flag officer peers, he understood how
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to navigate Washington politics and news media, helping him rise through the
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ranks and obtain resources he needed, although fellow Army leaders often resented what they
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saw as a grasping careerism. Thomas A. Edison. He relishes symbolism and told a
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group in Ava, Mo., about a bald eagle he saw on the drive to meet them. “Does the
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eagle remind you of freedom?” he cried.“Yeah!” they shouted back.Even staunch conservatives
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