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Forrest Griffin (with Erich Krauss)

Brian Oswald ( I just got my hands on a copy of your new book, “Got Fight?” Did you enjoy the process of writing your book or was it a pain in the ass?

Forrest Griffin: You really have a copy of it? Wow, so they turned that into a real book. I thought they were pulling the plug on it. I actually had a lot of fun getting the book done; it was awesome. All I had to do was call the guy up and scream about how much I hate stuff and I guess he recorded it and now it’s a book.

-Forrest Griffin fucking around regarding his new book “Got Fight”. There’s also a bunch of good shit in that interview regarding the switch to face Anderson Silva and what he regrets about in his fight against Rashad. Maybe that stuff would have been better to post about than a snarky book remark, but fucking hell. Go read it yourself if you wanna know more.