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Forrest Griffin out till Fall

One of the biggest UFC 114 related bummers is the fact that Lil Nog vs Forrest Griffin ain’t happening due to a shoulder injury suffered by Griffin. Replacing him is Jason Brilz, who is the kind of fighter everyone is complaining about in those ‘Is Wrestling sucking up MMA’ articles currently percolating in the blogosphere. The change blows for us fans, but is probably a good thing for Forrest Griffin, who was liable to get his increasingly questionable jaw boxed up by Nog. And now we have reports that he should be back in action this Fall:

“He saw a specialist in Los Angeles and had it worked on. It was minor surgery, nothing crazy. He’ll start physical therapy in six weeks and be on the shelf for 12 weeks. We’re not sure on a return, but October would be a good guess. Maybe late September,” his coach Jimmy Gifford told the Las Vegas Sun.

Griffin was trying to train through the injury – he is apparently notorious for trying to train and fight whilst carrying injuries – and did not want to pull out of the fight until the shoulder injury was eventually causing him so much pain it began affecting his sleep, says Gifford.

September or October would be just right for Joe Silva to rebook that Nog / Griffin fight if he’s feeling particularly vengeful towards Forrest for some reason. But even if it isn’t Lil Nog, it’s still going to be someone rough – the top of the light heavyweight division is full of bad mofos I don’t give Forrest much of a chance against, no matter how scrappy he’s proven to be in the past.