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Forrest Griffin has remarkably large testicles.

Well, looks like I gotta eat my words. A week ago I said Shogun / Griffin was’t gonna happen because Forrest didn’t have the balls. Well, I guess he does indeed have large testicles because I just got a letter from the UFC with the above image. It’s on: Shogun vs Griffin will happen at UFC 76.

I can understand now why Griffin was tapped to face Shogun now … with Chuck vs Keith Jardine as the other headlining fight, there was no way the UFC would have been able to get away with Shogun vs Machida. It would have been UFC73 buyrates all over again (which of course we never heard anything about … is Dave Meltzer on fucking vacation too?). Anyways, I’ve already picked Jardine for the upset but I don’t think Forrest’s got what it takes to pull one off over Shogun. Regardless it will be an entertaining fight for sure … big respect to Griffin for stepping up and making the UFC76 card less shitty.

  • So you finally admit to getting down on your knees and sucking Forrest’s big hairy balls.. I only know their big cause you said so. But thats enough of that..

    I personally think Forrest has a better chance of take Shogun then “the dean of mean” (what the fuck kind of nickname is that, I’m so fucking mean they made me the dean of it) has with Chuck.
    1st) Chuck throw bombs every punch he throws, there isnt gonna be a once Keith gets hit he’s gonna back pedal, thats not gonna happen, its gonna be lights out..
    2nd) Shogun needs buffer time as all fights do to get acclimitized to the 8-sided figure, and Forrest is gonna press the action.

  • Marcus Anton says:

    I dont know Shogun is top rate for a reason.. But then again the UFC is full of upsets… its gonna be a good ppv…

  • Ryan says:

    Eh, when was the last time Forrest finished anyone? Shogun has such a frenetic style, you have to put him away or he will come back.

  • Fred says:

    The card was not anywhere near shitty, even before Shogun/Griffin was announced. People need to stop griping about the cards. We’re seeing great fights. We’re seeing a lot of the PRIDE guys coming over and fighting UFC fighters. You’ve got up-and-comers like Houston Alexander and Thiago Tavares who were picked by sharp UFC scouts.

    People need to QUIT COMPLAINING. It’s unreal. If anyone has a problem with the general quality of the cards, then start your own promotion; get top fighters to fight for you; and show you can do it better. Until then, it’s pointless to complain.

  • But i like to complain :-( :-( :-(

  • TIGERTAO says:

    A friend of mine posted this on our torrent site forums, I thought I’d bring it your attention as it backs up everything you’ve been saying about Guida & Huerta…

    If you go to UFC and click on UFC 74 you get their own ranking of the fights. Couture vs Gonzaga is, of course, on the top followed by the other fights that will be aired no matter what – which in turn are followed by the less important fights that may or may not be aired.

    This is the order:
    Randy Couture Vs. Gabriel Gonzaga
    Roger Huerta Vs. Alberto Crane
    Josh Koscheck Vs. Georges St-Pierre
    Kurt Pellegrino Vs. Joe Stevenson
    Patrick Cote Vs. Kendall Grove
    Ryan Jensen Vs. Travis Lutter
    Renato Sobral Vs. David Heath
    Frank Mir Vs. Antoni Hardonk
    Clay Guida Vs. Marcus Aurelio

    So, they put Huerta (vs yet ANOTHER unknown) as the second most important fight and it WILL be aired. WTF? I mean sure, they are marketing him like crazy, but this is just silly. Over GSP’s fight? And look who is in the bottom – Guida in his may or may not be aired fight. Guida who imo would probably whip Huerta’s ass.

    Keep up the goodness Fightlinker,
    btw Lmao to the new Low Blow today!

  • Matt says:

    Is Shoguns hair photoshopped on there? WTF, it looks like hair in can.

  • DJ Hapa says:

    Yeah…what about those 73 buyrates? I wonder.

    I definitely think Chuck will beat up on the jack-of-all-trades-master of none, Jardine. But Shogun is just waiting to be KTFO. I expect Shogun to look like he is dominating for a few minutes and then get caught. As long as Forrest has learned his lesson about fighting stupid, he can take this.

    Yes, TigerTao, we need to let the UFC know that we aren’t going to fall for their hyping of Roger Huerta. Let’s just pray Alberto Crane rips his arm off. Off course then we will be forced to watch the UFC hype his “comeback” for the next year.

  • Laura says:

    I can’t wait for Shogun/Griffin…I think Forrest is going to put up a much better fight than most people seem to expect. I actually think Forrest has a better chance of getting the upset than Jardine does. Not sure why…just a gut feeling…I think Griffin is going to pull off the upset and shock the MMA world.