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Former TUF contestant on this season’s version

Justin ‘The Viking’ Wren’s latest status update.

It’s always nice when you find specific examples of fighters that, by doing it the right way, defy most of the stereotypes people associate with their profession (Chris Leben’s memorable ‘fighters are like strippers’ analogy comes to mind), and Justin Wren is a great example of that. He’s a 23 year old heavyweight fighting out of Denver, and was Roy Nelson’s next opponent after the Kimbo fight for those that don’t remember – he was my favorite prospect on the show and I still remember feeling like that fight with Big Country was 1-1 going into the third (which never materialized). This season’s glut of 3 round fights did not go unnoticed by Wren, as evidenced by the above screen shot (BTW, thank you Picasa for enabling morons like me to upload photos). Later on, Wren gave a comment on the post that gave me pause, which is here below the fold:

I would like to know the reasons fo the sudden change of heart by the judges, or if they are even the same judges…

For my fight there were TWO lady judges… One with some gray hair and wrinkles and the other with her two kids running around the UFC training center. Now, I have NO problem whatsoever with women being judges, women training, … See Morefighting, or being involved in this sport. It’s the best sport in the world, anyone who can be involved should :-)

I just wonder how people become judges, I hear it’s a few hour seminar and then they have to pass a short test… I don’t know of that qualifies u! Have they ever fought, trained the sport, were they hardcore fans for a long time? Heck i have been a judge at a couple of fights and the other two judging with me were pulled from the STANDS. That’s why at smaller shows u REALLY can’t leave it to the judges.

I am estatic for guys like Josh Bryant, Brad Tavares, etc from this season. They atleast had a third round. I woulda liked my fight to have gone a third, I hear it everywhere I go. My pace was slowing as the fight continued but could I had sucked it up if they woulda said “sudden victory?” I have been down in wreslting before on the national level and over in Russia and pulled it out in the third. Would I have gotten KO’d and been unconcious? I woulda RATHER been knocked out COLD than to have it finished the way it did… Would the fight have gone to the ground where BOTH of us are better anyways? Not trying to live in the past but guys that have been on the show the past ten season I think got the short end of the stick in some fights, I am glad to see that they are giving the fighters a third round now. I wonder why the change though.

I am not by anymeans trying to take anything away from Big Country, he fought good and won the fight. He has been doing extremely well, congratulations! I just think it’s strange that this ONE season seems to have as many sudden victories as the last 10 seasons combined.

My experience on TUF was one I will always be thankful for, I learned a VERY valuable lesson that will stay with me for the rest of my career, never, ever, ever leave it in the hands of the judges. I don’t care if i am up two rounds for sure I am looking for the finish in the third. Judging is so bad now a days… One judge will have it 30-27 one guy and another 30-27 the other fighter… What fights are these guys watching? How come the majority of split decisions go to the guy who isn’t the aggressor… Octagon control? Come on. What did they do to REALLY qualify to become a judge? Did they know somebody? Was it “bring your kid to work day” for judging for mine and Roy’s fight? I wish the commissions would figure something out before people start relating our sport to the judging in professional boxing.

Again, I am EXTREMELY happy for the guys on this season. It is providing the fighter, and the fans with a more definitive answer. I am glad to see Roy doing well and maybe someday I’ll get a rematch, I am not gonna chase it down… But of course i’d like it someday just like my training partner Brendan Schaub would…

Sorry for the vent! Not trying to be a baby :-) just making some observations… Way to go this seasons judges! Congrats Roy on being “The Ultimate Fighter” Congrats to all the people from the TUF crew that are my friends on here… This is a great season.

Ps, hope everyone is having a great day!

Psalms 144:1

I think the biggest problem is that the UFC can’t just go ahead and invest a bunch of money into training judges that they don’t/can’t hire. I’m uncomfortable with the idea of a promoter being able to dictate to judges what is and is not up for consideration on the scorecards. I like that in the AC’s hands. The burden of training, educating and reprimanding shitty, indefensible scorecards – even if they’re amateur fights or out of the AC’s jurisdiction (I feel Edgar won, but 50-45 is lunacy) – falls on their shoulders, and they just don’t have any money.

What do you guys think?