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Former SUN Sports president dishes dirt

That whole SUN Sports GI vs Pros thing has just gotten a lot more interesting, with a former SUN Sports president releasing his own press release saying that SUN Sports is practically broke and owes tens of thousands of dollars to all sorts of people:

Epstein added, “This is not a disgruntled employee case like most people assume when they hear an unhappy executive leave a company”. Under Epstein’s sports marketing direction, within a year Art of War was recognized as possibly the number two contender in producing Mixed Martial Arts events. “This is about an employee trying to fight for honest and ethical treatment of shareholders, vendors, fighters and employees who was thrown out of the company for his trouble. The problems at SUN are far-reaching. Just last week Mr. Comu signed for a nine-show tour (a start date of April 19th) with George Greenberg (Fox Sports Net’s Executive Vice President, Programming & Production) with virtually nothing in the bank.”

I was kinda interested to know how SUN Sports was gonna bankroll their new series of shows, but once I realized the US Army was involved I just figured they were paying for a massive chunk of the event costs plus the additional cost of producing the show on Fox Sports Net. Since it’s basically just one big recruitment show, ya know?

The allegations sure are interesting, but on the other hand how much stock can you take in a press release from a guy who thinks he made Art of War “possibly the number two contender in producing Mixed Martial Arts events”. Come on now. And the whole “This isn’t about me being pushed out, this is about getting money back for the fighters and vendors” thing … I’d say the fighters have a better chance of making money back if the company rallies from the brink of bankruptcy, rather than going under. So yeah … it does kinda seem like sour grapes from the outside.