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For the record

I never picked Kongo.  Everyone had a mass hallucination.  I had to talk Ryan out of picking him.  I would never be stupid enough to think that Kongo, he of the turtle-on-shell ground game, could hope to last against a jacked, 264+ lb Frank Mir.  In fact, I was prescient enough to know that Kongo would be super emotional (read as ‘butthurt) and fucking leave his right hand down by his hip as Mir’s upper torso torpedoed toward him, propelling a powerful portrait of pugilistic punishment and permanently puncturing Kongo’s perceived power.  Like, I called that.  And yet I’m hearing that I, both in prose and audio, picked Kongo?

Seriously, y’all must be tripping.   I’m not that much of a shit chucking, bassackwards moron.  My MMA priorities are in place.  I didn’t, say, let my hatred of Mir force me to abandon my game plan, get sloppy at that which I’m normally proficient and make a stupid series of bets and proclamations based on the fact that I thought Cheick Kongo, of ALL PEOPLE, could keep a fight in his wheelhouse.  I’m not stupi…

Oh, WHY, Cheick??  Why??  You didn’t just have to lose to Frank, you had to get tooled on your FEET before he choked you OUT?  God, if you are merciful and real (fuck, even if you’re vengeful and real, just exist for me on this one and you can reign meteors on my house when it’s all said and done), then make Frank fight Shane Carwin for the first crack at Brock.  Or Cain.  Or JDS.  I don’t care.  Just make him lose.

I finally got my old man to watch an MMA card tonight, and his two main points were ‘Pierce is a strong bastard’ and ‘this guy (Mir) is a prick’.  He also giggled uncontrollably (it doesn’t sound like a giggle, but that’s what it is) at Diego.  The sprinting across the ring bit was what really set him off.

Also, I never picked Guida.  You guys need to lay off the drugs.

*EDIT by Rodriguez*
Yeah, this might be a little petty but it deserves noting: Subo actually did pick Kongo and Guida. Logic wants to ask you how it’s ass tastes, Subo.

*EDIT by Subo*
The duo W L Pts Cash
subo 8 3 67 -$390
Rodriguez 8 3 62 -$1,160

I ain’t lying.

Nice call on Kevin Burns, aka the guy on the ass end of the Knockout Of The Night.