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Hallo jackals! It’s October, otherwise known as Brocktober. But did you know that it’s also Foktoberfest? That’s right. All month this month we’ll be doing cool shit in celebration of a month that is generally crappy other than the Halloweeny and alcoholic elements. Another big reason to celebrate is we’ve finally got our shit together in terms of advertising and are no longer on life support!

In celebration of this fact, we’d like to thank all our star members past and present by saying (cue Oprah voice) “EVERYONE GETS A STAR!” Okay, when I say everyone, I mean everyone who has ever donated money to the cause or bought a t-shirt from us in the past. Over the weekend our crack squad of monkeys will be going through the rolls updating accounts. It’s the least we can do to thank the people who literally saved our asses through the past year of economic hardships.

Foktoberfest also means a few other things to everyone: more posts every day, and *gasp* radio shows going up on schedule. We’re adding a Foktoberglocken to the sidebar of the site which will count down to the exact time every radio show will be released, so you no longer have to guess when the hell a show will be released. Low Blows will come out Tuesday at noon, Happy Hours Thursday at noon. All through Foktoberfest we will have interviews as part of the Low Blow as well!

There’s some more surprises coming, but I’ll leave those for when they actually happen. Happy Foktoberfest!