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Flyweights arrive, can women be far behind?

If you didn’t consider it ‘official’ after the UFC cannibalized the Brock Larson / Carlos Condit fight for a UFC Fight Night, here’s the confirmation via press release: the WEC welterweight divisions is 100% no more, and now there’s a 125 pound division in it’s place. While Five Ounces of Pain gives me great hopes that a women’s division is right around the corner, Cage Potato asks a very good question: Why flyweight before a women’s division???

But while it’s good to see the WEC adding divisions to make up for the ones they cut, you’d think a women’s division (or two) would come before a horse-jockey division. It kind of bothers me when women’s MMA is roadblocked due to a perceived lack of depth, then Zuffa installs a new men’s division where the #1-ranked fighter doesn’t even have ten wins yet, and the #8 fighter has won four of his ten fights. (And of course, how many American MMA fans out of 100 would be able to pick them out of a lineup?) Does this make any sense from a marketing perspective?

But it’s hard to bitch when I keep hearing from so many ‘sources’ (yep, I’m starting to have pseudo-sources, it’s kinda fun) that a women’s division is coming sooner rather than later. Flyweight talk started at the beginning of January and it took them under a month to roll it out. Is it really that optomistic to think we could be seeing a women’s division in the WEC by the summer?