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Florida says “Eh, whatever” re: StandGate

If you were expecting EliteXC to go down in flames over the fact that they paid Seth Petruzelli more to stand with Kimbo, then you’re probably going to be surprised by this news. Personally, I was expecting it. The Florida Athletic Commission has taken a look at the situation, and here’s what they’ve decided:

“We have a copy of the comment. We do,” Antonacci said. She added that while the commission has a system in place for filing formal complaints, they had yet to receive one about the Slice-Petruzelli fight. However, the preliminary reaction of the commission is that the comment does not indicate foul play.

“After further review of the comments that are in question, we believe that he is referring to the fact that he got paid more to keep the show going,” Antonacci said. “Meaning that before the fight, Ken Shamrock was injured and couldn’t fight Kimbo Slice. So Seth stepped in and said ‘OK, I’ll fight him.’ And without that, there wouldn’t have been a main event that night.”

Whether they know about several other journalists reporting about stand money for both Seth AND Ken Shamrock is another question. But for some reason I think they’d look at Meltzer and Alvarez as pro wrestling monkeys and ignore their words as well.

As for Dave Meltzer, he’s backing off from the idea that he thinks the fight is a “fix”:

One important note is that, whether these claims are accurate or not, paying a guy to keep a fight standing, while not true to the spirit of MMA, is not “fixing a fight”. Obviously the idea would be that Kimbo has a better chance to win if the fight stays standing. If Petruzelli got paid to lose Saturday, sure, that would be a fix. But whether he got paid to stand or not, he still knocked the guy into next week.

I’d say that any time you pay someone money to try and affect the outcome of the fight, you’re ‘fixing’ it. EliteXC already has the worst record in it’s short existance of stacking the deck by setting up retardedly lopsided fights. Now we’re supposed to also accept the fact that they pay their jobbers extra to not use their ground games?