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Florida doesn’t care about Standgate … but Nevada might

What a big surprise! Florida has completed their ‘investigation’ – which involved talking to EliteXC and a few of the fighters involved – and guess what! There was no sign of any misconduct and therefore they won’t even bother to open a proper investigation.

How’s this for a sign of misconduct?

However, [NSAC head Keith] Kizer said that about two weeks ago, he had a conversation with someone from ProElite whom Kizer did not name. As later recalled in comments to MMAWeekly, this is Kizer’s account of that conversation: “Someone affiliated with ProElite told me that the fighter or his camp said that he had not been training to fight a Muay Thai specialist and thus he had not trained to defend Muay Thai-style kicks, so that he would agree to fight the proposed opponent if the opponent agreed not to use any such kicks, and that information was told to that opponent.”

Personally, I don’t care too much at this point what the commissions do. ProElite is dead, so ‘official action’ is somewhat moot. It’s pretty embarassing that Florida would take such a ‘whaddevah’ approach to allegations of fight fixing, but hey … now you know how easy is it for promotions to get away with shady shit. Well, it’d be easy if there weren’t this pesky thing called the internet. Regardless of what Florida says or what Nevada chooses to do now, the chatter on StandGate will continue, and as time goes on more people in the know will come forward and confirm what’s already pretty apparent.