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Florian vs Stevenson is for a title shot

Dana White is trying to add some last second juice to the UFC 91 undercard by declaring that Kenny Florian vs Joe Stevenson is now for a title shot:

“This fight is going to be amazing, and the winner of this fight will face B.J. Penn for the lightweight title after B.J. fights Georges St. Pierre,” White said at the press conference, which was open to the public and attended by media members and hundreds of fans.

Just playing a bit of Murphy’s Law with this promise here, but what happens if Joe Stevenson wins and BJ Penn loses? It’s not like that’s a very far-fetched proposition or anything. Stevenson vs Penn 2? I enjoyed the bloodbath the first time around, but I have my doubts that even the UFC could manage to sell a second fight to the masses. Maybe as part of a card also featuring Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin 3. You could call it UFC 98: Deja Vu.

I can’t imagine that Dana doesn’t realize the corner he’s painting himself into. Assuming he’s not being a retard, you gotta figure he knows something we don’t know: that win or lose, BJ Penn is gonna be sticking around at welterweight. Penn has said the lightweight division doesn’t have any fights left that interest him. So again … this isn’t a very far-fetched conclusion to make.

My bet is the lightweight belt is just being kept around BJ’s waist till after the fight with GSP so the UFC can sell the champ vs champ angle of the fight. Then we’ll end up with the winner of Stevenson vs Florian fighting Sherk or something. Yeah, having Sherk get his third title shot in just over two years is kinda balls, but who else at lightweight are you gonna tap?