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Florian calls Maynard a lay-n-prayer

Whenever someone says “No offense”, that usually means they’re about to say something offensive about the other person. Here’s Kenny Florian saying “No offense, but Gray Maynard just lay-n-prays”:

James Kimball ( This of course is just a three round fight. Will you feel a sense of urgency to outstrike Gray early and take the fight to him for fear that he could secure a couple takedowns, maintain position, and win on points?

Kenny Florian: Yeah, I mean that’s kinda the way I think he’s gonna have to fight. And this is no offense to Gray, but he’s gonna have to play his typical, boring, Gray Maynard fight. You know, take the guy down and just stay there. Just lay and pray. I think that is his only hope to win the fight. He’s good everywhere, but I think that in order to win the fight, he knows that’s what he’s gonna have to do. But however he goes about fighting me, it’s not gonna be easy.

This is somewhat unfair to Gray … sure, he’s boring. But he doesn’t so much lay and pray as dump and hump. He stays very active on top and beats the shit out of people. Sure those beats don’t end fights, but they keep Maynard extremely dominant during fights and its a little disingenuous to claim he doesn’t do anything after he gets a guy down. Still, Kenny’s MO here is in trying to drag Gray into a stand up fight, if not for the majority of their match at UFC 118 than for at least for a round or something. Even with all Kenny’s work around guys like GSP and GSP’s magical wrestling club training gang, he’s still not gonna have a good time on his back.