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Flatty speaks!

I was wondering what was gonna be up this weekend with UFC ring girls. After all, Edith isn’t banned from attending all events … just US events. So I figured there was a chance she might show up in Ireland. Well, if she is there, it’ll be alongside newcomer Logan Stanton, who’s interviewed here by Cage Potato.

Big confirmation: she’s not Arianny’s sister (so suck it, Meltzer). Past that, the interview is a bunch of other random fluff that’s designed to get you fawning over the hot chick. Well that ain’t gonna aaaaaaaaaw how cute:

Also, under favorite foods, it says “Chocolate!”, with an exclamation mark and everything. How deep does your obsession go?
It’s actually ridiculous. I eat it as soon as I wake up in the morning. I probably have a cup of hot chocolate every night. I have chocolate ice cream in my fridge right now. My favorite thing is chocolate-covered peanuts. I actually eat around the peanut, and just eat the chocolate.

It’s at times like this I realize why it’s a good thing we don’t do a bunch of interviews because we’d be asking shit like “So we really liked how your new outfit shows off epic cameltoe.” And then she’d be like “That’s not a question,” and we’d be all like “Yeah, it’s like you’re not wearing anything at all down there, baby. Pure gravy for my eyes. Pure spank for the tank.”