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Flatty aka Logan Stanton aka Angelica Celeste aka Angelica Lopez?

According to Dave Meltzer, Flatty aka Logan Stanton isn’t actually Logan Stanton … she’s Angelica Celeste, Arianny’s little sister:

There is a new octagon girl.   It’s Arianny’s younger sister.   Picture a 19-year-old Arianny and you’ll have a good idea.   Her name is Angelica Celeste.   That’s a shoot name and it’s better than the last 100 fake names the WWE writing team has come up with.   They are the Funk family when it comes to quality of ring girls.   Bad analogy, but I’m hardly going to call them the Jackson family or Manning family.

The above paragraph is why I stay the fuck away from the Wrestling Observer … having to put up with wrestling analogies makes me want to Ultimate Warrior my laptop against a wall or Mankind it off some tall surface through a triple stack of flaming tables.

Still, it is interesting to hear that Logan may be Arianny’s lil sis. We thought they looked like clone-bots, so it would make sense. Still – and not to complain because I think she’s hot and she looks like a nice person – wouldn’t it have been better for the UFC to pick out someone who was a nice contrast to Arianny as opposed to a body double? I guess the UFC just saw Arianny getting rated #1 MMA hotty everywhere and decided to go all Doublemint with her.

(Oh, the picture above is from Dana White’s video blog, the two sisters make a quick appearance 12 mins in. Some are saying this chick ain’t the same chick that was holding cards at UFC 92, so I’ll let you decide.)