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Flash Point: Very awesome

Back when I used to have a real job, my old boss used to threaten to punch me in the head if he caught me working on my blog. He did on a semi-regular basis, but spared me the punching and the firing and the unpleasantness most bosses would have inflicted. Now he’s started up his own blog about movies so how could I not show some support and share a link when he posts something MMA related:

Flash Point
I saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival a couple of years ago and will never forget it. It is easily one of the best Martial Arts films out there, and I recommend it to anyone who is is even a remotely a fan of the Genre.

The Director (Wilson Yip) is one of the most renowned martial arts directors in the world. His previous movie, S.P.L., was loved by fans when it came to the festival 2 years earlier, and made this film highly anticipated.

When the director came out to introduce the film, he told the audience that he took a year off to “analyze new methods of fighting and how real fighting would blend with film stylized martial arts.” He went on to talk about how he carefully studied MMA fighting and took the next 6 months to make his onscreen fights look this real.

The results are obvious. This is not a sparring match with sound effects. These fights look real (by that I mean, look like real fights which is rare)

I won’t attempt to describe the action any further as I won’t do it justice, so take my advice. If you’re a fan of Martial Arts or MMA, or other movies I recommend, watch this movie! (or buy it since you will want to watch it again!)

I’ll second Flash Point as one of the best martial arts movies I’ve seen in years.