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Flakey fighters flake out of Strikeforce LA event

It looks like all that controversy surrounding Bobby Lashley for ducking Shane Del Rosario was for nothing – he won’t even be on the June 16th Strikeforce LA card anymore. MMA Fighting’s Midsy is not impressed:

For Lashley, it’s the latest example of a career that has seen a lot of hype but precious little accomplishment, and the latest reminder that when Brock Lesnar went from amateur wrestler in college to pro wrestler in his 20s to MMA champion in his 30s, he was doing something extraordinary, not blazing a trail that many others would follow.

Comparisons between Lashley and Lesnar have always been silly — Lashley was never as good an amateur wrestler as Lesnar, was never as big or as strong or as athletic as Lesnar, and got into MMA at an older age than Lesnar — but when Lashley first announced in 2008 that he was going to give MMA a try, those comparisonswere common.

No one makes those comparisons anymore. Now everyone who follows MMA realizes that Lashley is just a 33-year-old novice who doesn’t want to fight anyone too challenging. And even as he was willing to fight someone, in Sparks, who might have been slightly more challenging than his first five opponents, Lashley now isn’t healthy enough to fight.

There’s no word on the severity of Lashley’s knee injury, or when he might return. But suffice to say, he’s likely to take his time, pick an opponent he can beat easily, and leave fans wanting more.

It’s too bad that Lashley, who was supposed to be one of those magical ‘crossover’ stars for Strikeforce, is currently dudding out. But between refusing to fight decent competition, actively ducking fighters, and pulling out of half the cards he’s supposed to appear on, he’s killed a large amount of the hype and goodwill he came into the promotion with. Someone should have told him his career was venturing into hokey waters with the Bob Sapp fight, and then that match against potbellied Wes Sims … again, not the kind of thing that impresses anyone. You’d think someone who runs his own management group would be better at handling their own career.

Also off the Strikeforce card is Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett – or ‘Kid Khaos’ as he likes to be called now (note: we will never ever call him that) – who was set to rematch KJ Noons. No word on why he was removed, although it might have something to do with his participation at an AFL event in Florida this weekend. At least it wasn’t jail or assault related this time.