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The fix is in

Oh boxing. This is why no one loves you any more.

At betting agency Player, the WA affiliate of TAB Sportsbet, the odds of Green to win by first-round knockout were wound in from $10.25 to $1.07 after a huge betting plunge that involved some bets in excess of $20,000. Green then knocked out the Queenslander with a seemingly innocuous punch just 29 seconds into the first round.

Centrebet experienced a similar plunge on Wednesday night’s bout and said it would welcome an inquiry into the fight.

“Boxing’s been kicked in the guts a million times and this is the most farcical thing we’ve probably seen in many years in this country,” Centrebet media director Neil Evans said. “The volume of bets, at the height of it all they were coming in every 30 seconds. We probably held more individual wagers on a round one knockout in this fight than we have in combined fights in this country in the last 20 years.”

(via FightOpinion)