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Fitch is starting to get it

After weeks of stubbornly pretending like he was still in the mix for a welterweight title shot, Jon Fitch has finally woken up and smelled the coffee … specifically, the Hater’s Choice brand the UFC has for him and his lame-o decisions:

“I’m not going to cry about it,” said Fitch. “If I’ve failed to convince the UFC, Dana White, and the fans that I’m overwhelmingly the No. 1 contender and that I absolutely should be fighting for the belt, then I take that as my own responsibility. It’s my own fault. If people are dissatisfied, then I’m going to correct that.”
“It kind of was a little bit of a recent revelation [for me],” said Fitch, who’s gone the distance nine times during his 13-1 run in the promotion. “There wasn’t an overwhelming rush of support after the Alves fight. That was kind of eye-opening. I handily beat the No. 3 [fighter] in the world, and people are still not willing to thrust me into competition with GSP. Something’s missing.”

Yeah, I’d say the missing bit is right around the point where Jon locks onto his opponent’s back and then hangs on not doing anything for the next three rounds. It’s called ‘fighting’ and it’s kinda a big part of what people like in the Ultimate FIGHTING Championships.