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First line of UFC toys revealed

It seems like forever ago that the UFC announced they’d be selling action figures, but the release date has been slowly creeping closer and now we have official confirmation on the first wave of toys, dubbed “Wave 0”:

We are very proud of this exclusive wave 0 product line and you will only find it at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us! The exclusive series will hit retail shelves in late September / early October, but make sure to check early and often because the first 100 of each figure will be uniquely stickered and inserted into random case packs!

Don’t ask me how Houston Alexander made it into the mix. I guess it’s so parents can accidentally pick up the lamest toy for their kids like mine did with the Star Wars toys. All I fucking wanted was a stormtrooper or Han Solo figurine (and perhaps a Princess Leia bikini doll for him to boink), but instead I got Admiral Ackbar and an obese X-Wing pilot. Now you can relive my disappointment with your own kids by proudly presenting them with a Kendall Grove figurine. Or (sadly enough, damn ignorant kids) the Miguel Torres one.