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First crack

Hey guys, just a quick note to say that the Fightlinker Store is finally done – it took way more time than it ever should have because we started with the ‘best’ (aka one with the most features) store and then slowly moved through several different packages because all of them either sucked or wouldn’t work at all or would only work in Firefox or wouldn’t calculate prices properly. Today I failed to get another version working and finally just went onto Paypal and built something using the button features there. That took me all of 2 hours.

So I feel slightly annoyed. But on the flipside very happy that we now have a store!

Included in the store are the new shirts we talked about long ago: The Ultimate Drinker and Just Bleed.

From here on out we’ll be releasing a few designs every month – I’ve got a very good (and very patient) graphic designer (Tim, aka The Shockmaster here on Fightlinker) working on stuff and I’ll be crowdsourcing with you guys on design ideas. More on that in a few days.

For now, I invite you to check out the store early before I officially announce and launch it tomorrow afternoon. This will let you guys get first crack at the new designs and more importantly first crack at the remaining old designs. We’re down to like 10 Human Cockfighting shirts, 5 Techno Viking, and so on, so if you want these now is the time. In the future we’ll be doing star member presales, discounts, and other goodies but this time we’re a bit hamstrung by technological and financial constraints so with the store already being a week behind schedule, a 24 hour heads up is the best I can do.

I’ll be putting up another star member only post in a few days with a bit of a ‘State of the Union’ address updating you on all the projects coming to a head: the TV pilot, the Fightlinker book, the new website, podcast stuff, and the future of star memberships in general. I’m hoping you guys will be willing to give feedback on what you think of all this stuff because you’re the core fans and we definitely care about your input.