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Fired / Not Fired

It’s time for Fired / Not Fired, a game I think we’ll be playing quite a bit considering the suddenly obese UFC roster.

Fired: Karo Parisyan
Everyone including Karo knew the second that Big Tan Dan pulled Dennis Hallman off him that this would be the end of the road. Dana White confirmed Karo’s cut at the post-event press conference with the oh so emasculating “I’m afraid for his safety in there”, and now we’re all left with bigger frowny faces than the fat fold across Karo’s belly button.

Not Fired: Tyson Griffin
As if having one of the worst fights of the year wasn’t enough to earn Nik Lentz the ire of fans everywhere, he just got given a bullshit decision win over Tyson Griffin at 123. That means a ton more hate for him and some love from Dana White for Griffin, who was told he “got fucked big time tonight” and wouldn’t face the snip.

Fired: Seth Petruzelli
The Silverback got a taste of how European gorillas attack and it resulted in a first round smashing from Karlos Vemola at UFC 122. Two in a row means you gots to go, but don’t worry too much, Seth. I’m sure Gary Shaw needs a beatable opponent for Kimbo’s boxing debut and considering how half assed that’s going, it very well could be you!

Not Fired: Gerald Harris
You wouldn’t expect a guy who’s now 3-1 in the Octagon to be worrying too much about a loss, but then again you didn’t spend about 8 minutes of your last fight doing absolutely nothing in the cage. Maiquel Falcao has been getting most of the shit from people regarding that ‘Ultimate Staring Championships’ match, but Harris was the dude heading into the final round down by two. He was more aggressive than Falcao, but then again so was Joe Silva at ringside. Still, Harris has been assured he’s not taking the fall for what happened.

Fired: Goran Reljic
Why doesn’t the UFC have any of those young and flashy hot prospects out of Europe like DREAM, Strikeforce, and Bellator? Because they usually end up getting chewed up and spit out like Goran Reljic just did.

Fired: Peter Sobotta
See above.

Maybe not fired: Matt Brown
You know the UFC loves Matt Brown, but three losses in a row against guys closer to being gatekeepers than contenders is hard to ignore. Still, the UFC has told Matt they “need a few days to look over the roster and see if they can find a fit for him.” Personally, a break from the meatgrinder might be just what Brown needs to grow from TUF to UFC level.

Still on the chopping block: In order of most likely to go, Nick Osipczak, Kris McKray, Aaron Simpson, Rob Kimmons, and Andre Winner. It’s a good time to be a Brit!