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Fired for the Holidays

It’s kinda nice to see the UFC struggling with all the firing it has to do since it has too many fighters and not enough slots to fulfill contractual obligations. It shows they have a teensy tiny soul. The company has a rep of being cold hearted Stalinists forcing their roster on an endless death march, but now that the REAL death march has started, we’re seeing some guys who probably should have been let go saved. Insert inappropriate Schindler’s List joke here.

Joe Stevenson fits the bill. Another good example is Bart Palaszewski, who lost a ho-hum decesion to Kamal Shalorus at the last WEC event. The thing about that is he really could have won if he had dug deep and managed to pull out the kitchen sink. He’s one of those guys I don’t see going very far mainly because I watched him get similarly outworked over and over in the IFL. But I guess his recent 4-fight win streak in the WEC and his rep as a guy willing to employ a stupid but generally exciting gameplan has saved him. He’ll be carried across to the UFC.

Not so lucky:

Jamie Varner: This comes as a bit of a surprise considering Varner was a former WEC champ and still had a rubber match with Donald Cerrone that could have been wrung out of him before his husk could be discarded along the side of the highway. But you just can’t go 0-3-1 in a crunch like this, especially if you’re in the division with the most fat to lose.

Chris Horodecki: Speaking of husks to be discarded, the UFC served Horodecki up to Donald Cerrone on a silver platter and Chris’s coach Shawn Tompkins gave Donald the fork to stick in him. It reminded me of those commercials where an anthropomorphic pig dances around singing about how delicious it would be to eat a shit ton of pork so come on down to BBQ town! Fortunately Chris is young – not as young as he looks but still over 16 years old. Let’s all hope he drops down a weight class or three and comes back better than ever.

Tyler Toner: Poor Tyler. We hardly knew ye. No really, who’s Tyler Toner?

Tune in after UFC 125 and pretty much every UFC in 2011 as the death march continues!