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Finishers get ranked

So Sean Sherk is annoyed that no one gives him any rankings love. Typically I’d say a fighter getting miffed about his standing is being a little bitch but in Sherk’s case he might have a right to be upset, at least with MMA Weekly, who don’t even have him in their top 10 lightweights list. Everyone else just put Kenny Florian above Sherk, despite the fact that Sherk humped Kenny to a win back in 2006.

But let’s be honest here. How high should we rank a fighter that hasn’t won a UFC fight off the scorecards since 2002? Getting the W might be impressive, but are we really expected to extend the same respect to a dude who can’t finish fights as we do to fighters who maul their opponents and leave them in a defeated pile clutching at the referee for protection?