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Final “Beatdown” contest chance!

Just a reminder that you’ve got approximately 12 hours to submit your Anthem for a Beatdown photos or videos. Yup – we’re assuming you all live on Midway Island (GMT -12:00) to make up for the fact that I was off having Easter fun instead of making a post about the contest ending Sunday at midnight.

But yeah. If you haven’t already uploaded your best pictures or posted your best videos of people getting owned, do it now. Here’s a recap of what you can win (for free!):

  • Grand Prize Winner – Autographed Never Back Down Poster, Never Back Down T-Shirt, Autographed 12 Stones CD and Poster
  • 5 Runners Up – Never Back Down T-Shirt

So do it now! Upload your pics or post your vids. And now, here’s some of the best ‘ownage’ pics from the past few days after the jump.