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Filming for the tv show

So in five and a half hours I’ll be getting up to film another segment for the Fightlinker pilot show – this one involves me getting beaten up by Patrick Cote. I’m a lot less nervous than I was for the first one, and I don’t know if this is because I’ve popped my pilot cherry or because it seems pretty easy to get your ass kicked? A fight with Patrick Cote seems a lot more straightforward than a cardio circuit with GSP’s trainer and a full room of pro fighters. Fingers crossed he’s a nice dude and everything goes well and I don’t lose any teeth etc.

Whatever the case, feeling pretty good about how things will go and my main nerves are in the hopes we manage to get all the shots we need to turn what should be an entertaining encounter into 7-10 minutes of entertaining TV. I’m still new to this tv stuff and it’s times like this I’m glad we’ve got an experienced producer who knows what’s what.

Part of the thing we want to film to get Patrick into the joking / silly / crazy mindframe for the show is a quick 10 questions style interview where we ask him retarded silly questions like if he’s a tits or ass man, does he beleive in ghosts, who’s his favorite star trek captain etc. If you guys have any that you think would be funny, throw em in the comments before I go and we’ll include them.

Past that, positive thoughts, pump up comments, and other things to help make me and Jake feel awesome and amazing tomorrow when we get up at *gasp* a reasonable hour are appreciated!