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Filho out of DREAM.12

First the Sonnen debacle, now this:

One of Dream 12 stars, Paulo Filho, who was scheduled to face Dong Sik Yoon this Sunday (25), is out of the event. According to Japanese websites, the Brazilian was missing and Ed Soares, his manager, couldn’t be contacted. Filho’s mother, Adenilda Fragoso, said to that the fighter couldn’t take the visa to travel to Japan.

Emphasis added. To be fair, obtaining the right to legally travel from one country to the other in order to make tens of thousands of dollars is something you traditionally do on the way to the terminal, so that’s not so bad. Also, it’s not like this card has been scheduled for months or anything, and I’m willing to bet that Paulo was stressing HARD about the challenge posed by the 4-7 Dong Sik Yoon, he of the three fight losing streak and recent TKO loss to that indomitable juggernaut of the 185 divsion… Jesse Taylor. Who has time to worry about such frivolities as travel when you’re pitted against that?

It’s hard to call anyone on bullshitting this early in the game, but Filho was fighting in Japan three months ago at DREAM.10. Hard to believe a) what was no issue in July is a deal breaker now, b) nobody knew that Paulo wouldn’t be able to fight before he no-showed, c) the fact that DREAM pulled Filho from the card instead of Filho dropping out means nothing, and d) anything Ed Soares says.