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Filho not even bothering with excuses at this point

Behind the towel?  Shame.  And four extra pounds.

You know you’re in bad shape when saying you refused to fight over pay is an improvement over why you’ve recently been missing/losing to Chael Sonnen in fights. Translated from Tatame, via BE:

What happened was this, we never came to a financial agreement. Their offer fell far short of what I’m accustomed to and that undermines the career of a fighter.

This was after Filho no-showed the weigh-ins and again cited personal reasons for missing the fight. Filho is supremely talented and his fight with Manhoef was among the most entertaining that comes to mind (then again, just about every fight that has Melvin kicking ass before flaming out in spectacular fashion has a certain charm to it), but this is getting Karoesque.