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Continuing this site’s slow decline into nothing more but an MMA tabloid, I have ‘interesting’ news regarding Fedor. Well, interesting news if you care who he may or may not be putting his penis inside. From the Garv:

The gossip mill has just cranked out a big one. A Korean website is reporting that Fedor had an affair with a Korean model (shown in pics below).

It’s no secret that Fedor is married and has a daughter, so this is not good news for him and his family. And of course, it is just a rumor.

So take this spicy kimchi story with a grain of salt.

The pictures of Fedor and the Korean model are from August, and we mentioned at the time that the two seemed pretty tight. But it’s worth considering that most gossip news outlets will look at pictures of a guy and a girl and immediately assume (and therefore report) that they’re banging. Madonna and A-Rod. Fedor and random Korean chick. Billy Ray Cyrus and Hannah Montana. All totally fucking.