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Above: Shogun Rua vs Akira Shoji

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Today I’m gonna try a little something different… only fights. I’m gonna try to give a broad spectrum of fights that you may or may have not seen. I feel that Jackaltv is all about educating or re-educating you Jackals. Not all my videos are going to be funny or even good but this is about learning so that we all are on the same page here on fightlinker. Since this is only fights I’m not gonna try to make witty comments on the fights but will leave that to you guys.

Ken Shamrock Vs Robert Berry

Shogun Rua vs Akihiro Gono

Shogun Rua vs Kevin Randleman

Antonio Nogueira vs. Semmy Schilt

Ray Sefo vs Ruslan Karaev

Mike Brown VS Leonard Garcia

Jake Shields vs Ray Cooper

Jake Shields vs Nick Thompson

Yushin Okami vs. Jake Shields

Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami

Frank Trigg vs. Carlos Condit

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Branden Lee Hinkle