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While a rumored Alistair Overeem vs Aleksander Emelianenko fight turned out to be as untrue as it was stupid, there were some other fights booked up over the past few days I figure you might be interested in knowing about. You being MMA fans and this being an MMA website and all.

Yushin Okami vs Vitor Belfort @ UFC 122 – Germany

I guess the UFC wants to guarantee they have another contender at 185 pounds after this fight, regardless of the fact that it’ll probably be Okami. Hey, I like New Vitor just as much as you do and think he’s awesome. But Yushin Okami is the kind of fighter that steals an opponent’s will to live by the end of his matches. At least now that Chael Sonnen has reminded us that Anderson Silva’s obvious weakness is wrestling, we’re liable to get another contender who’ll be able to exploit just that.

Jason Miller vs Sakuraba @ DREAM.16

I’d say WTF but Sakuraba matchups rarely make a whole bunch of sense and at least they’re not putting him in the cage with Gegard Mousasi or Melvin Manhoef (again). This is jokester vs jokester, but Mayhem is at his prime while Sakuraba is at that part of his career where he keeps ashtrays handy at the gym. You can never completely count out the crafty Japanese fighter though, and I’ll be hoping he manages to catch something during those magical ‘Sakuraba moments’ where he’s getting his face smashed in with strikes and the ref refuses to stop the fight.

Jon Jones vs the unfortunate winner of Lil Nog / Master Bader

Light heavyweight fighters with a free schedule can breath easier now that Jon Jones’ camp has announced they’re getting the winner of the Nog / Bader matchup at UFC 119. I can see Jones beating Bader via spinning back-awesome, but my vision of the future is not so certain if Lil Nog makes up for that weak Brilz fight.

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