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Fights that never should have happened

You’d think a site named ‘Red Sweat’ would be all about gay Russian ass fucking, but noooooo … it’s about MMA. They’ve actually got a decent amount of interesting content to read but today was the first time something piqued my interest enough for it actually to make it onto this site: 4 MMA fights that never should have happened.

There’s a whole bunch of fights the guys are missing, most of them involving Fedor. I don’t know how Fedor vs Hong Man Choi made it into the list but Fedor vs Coleman 2 didn’t. But while I’d put Sakuraba vs Smirnovas in the list, I can’t argue that Wanderlei Silva vs Sakuraba 3 didn’t deserve to be there first because of the horrific beatings dealt out in the first two fights:

This triple header began at Pride 13 where Saku and Wanderlei met for the first time inside the Pride ring in March of 2001. In the first fight Silva obliterated Sakuraba with punches and kicks getting the TKO in less then 2 minutes flat. It was a complete domination and total destruction of the Japanese sensation. Silva devastated Saku with punches, knees and kicks, finishing him off with a soccer kick to the face. Their second meeting was more of the same except for the fact that it lasted a brutal 10 minutes before being stopped by the doctors. Saku’s collar bone was broken after being viciously slammed by Wanderlei Silva.

Wanderlei Silva had clearly dominated Sakuraba in both matches. Was there really a need for a third? We all knew what was going to happen. It was basically just a matter of how much damage Kazushi would suffer in their third bout. Silva had Saku’s number and I knew once again that Saku would not give up no matter how much damage Silva inflicted. It was basically like watching one of my favorite fighters being forced into a blender that was set to “ice crush” three times. It was extremely hard to watch.

  • Mike_N says:

    Other than completely screwing up the whole Ken/Tito backstory, it was a pretty good read. I was impressed by the writer’s ability to come up with big-name mismatches like that, because usually they don’t involve guys at the championship level.

    Can anybody else come up with super-duper mismatches like that? Cro Cop-Dos Caras? Goodridge-Tachikari? Coleman-Saatake? Hinkle-Gannon? Sakara-Faircloth?

  • Stellar53 says:

    What about Rich Franklin/Nate Quarry?

  • AJB says:

    If there is ever a Silva-Franklin 3, under any circumstances whatsoever, it immediately goes to #1 on this list.

  • Vale Nada says:

    What about UFC era Silva v.s. (Insert here)?

  • Higgz says:

    What about Sean Sherk vs. Piss Test?

  • godzillad says:

    Franklin/Quarry had to happen. Lindland was canned, Terrell pulled out because of injury, Riggs had just moved down, Cote had just lost to Leben, Lee Murray couldn’t get a visa, negotiations with Butamonte fell through, Hughes wouldn’t fight him, and Marquardt was coming off that god awful snoozer with Salaverry he pissed dirty for.

  • dignan says:

    Is Sakuraba basically a deity over in Japan? Is he bigger than Sapp?

    I’d love to know what type of lifestyle some of these guys have for being such big names in a country that follows fighting so closely.

    In Sakuraba’s case I hope he’s rich as fuck, because he took some serious beatdowns at the hands of Silva.

  • Ross says:

    My recollection of the second Wanderlei/Sakuraba fight was that Saku was more than holding his own until his collarbone broke. It certainly wasn’t the massacre that the first and third fights were. The fight that shouldn’t have happened (and thankfully didn’t) was the fourth fight between the two that was meant to happen at Shockwave 2004.

  • ninjitsu says:

    OOooh.. who is that in the pic?

  • godzillad says:

    #9: Any other fighter and I wouldn’t care, but since it is Saku, I’m gonna have to devour you and your first born while chopping you in half with a samurai sword.

  • Higgz says:

    How cool would it be to have one of those “Access to Ringside” lanyards. I’ll bet you could make one at Kinko’s.

  • godzillad says:

    I’m really pushing it with three comments but:

    At UFC 79 I was walking around Mandalay after the weigh ins and right next to the souvenir shop there was a box full of credentials outside of a small office, I know they were because Dave Meltzer had one on in the hallway, and I seriously contemplated grabbing the entire box and leaving before some CIA looking asshole grabbed them.